About Us

Tamil Nadu Arabic Association was formed on 5th September 2015 in a meeting which was organized by Dr. Z. Abdul Latheef, Associate Professor, P.G. and Research Dept. of Arabic, The New College, Chennai and Dr. A. Jahir Husain, Assistant Professor and Chairman of Arabic, University of Madras, Chennai at Bukhari Conference Hall, The New College (Autonomus) Chennai-600 014. This Association has been established for the development of Arabic Language and the welfare of Arabic teachers and graduates of Tamil Nadu.


  • To promote better co-ordination between Arabic Scholars, graduates and Diploma holders to achieve excellence and thus promote the growth of the Arabic language;
  • To share knowledge on the various methodologies that can be employed in the teaching of the Arabic language;
  • To protect and promote the interests, preserve the rights and prestige of Arabic scholars, teachers in general, graduates and diploma holders from registered institution and the members of the Association in particular;
  • To advance the cause of the welfare of the community in general;
  • To promote and maintain a high standard of professional conduct and ethics among the members;
  • To enhance the number of students learning the Arabic language by creating awareness among students and managements of educational institutions at the school, college and University level;
  • To make representations from time to time to the concerned authorities and local bodies on matters concerning all aspects of conducting events for the promotion of the Arabic language and addressing related issues;
  • To promote the study of Arabic Language, Arabic literature, Arabic usage prevailing in India, research in Arabic literature and to make representations to the concerned authorities in respect of them from time to time in order to promotesuch studies, and to implement the conclusions of such studies officiallyand
  • To unite the various organisations working for the cause of Arabic language and/or Arabic scholars in the state of Tamil Nadu.


  • To organize the seminars, conferences, workshop, meetings pertaining to Arabic language.
  • To print and publish the study materials forArabic courses.
  • To raise the funds by subscription, donation and grants, or other legal means in order to do all things to achieve the objectives of association.
  • To acquire the rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the objectives of the Association.